8 Reasons to move your eMail to Cloud Mail now!

By Mónica Orozco,

Cpanel or Webmail account emails are becoming obsolete, they are insecure, slow and unreliable to use now days.  Here are 8 reasons why you should stop wasting time with Webmail or Cpanel emails and make the move to Cloud base emails now:

1. Efficiency.

An usual Mail and website hosting account set up shares Disk Space for your Website files and your email box. Spam issues begin to emerge once the shared server’s IP gets blacklisted, thus bringing about problems when emails need to reach your clients.
Cloud based emails are set up separately from your website, they offer a greater stability when sending emails due to its random use of IPs. Cloud based emails are more efficient and reliable since they are less likely to fall into a blacklist listing.

2. Data recovery.

Cloud based emails saves your data on multiple servers, giving you a greater data security and recovery if needed. Regular Cpanel email shares data space with your current website, in the event that a server intrusion corrupts your files, your email data is also at risks.
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3. Security.

Cloud emails uses a security Antivirus and spam detection software. Regular Cpanel emails do not offer this level of protection.

4. Stability.

A network of servers is used when setting up a Cloud base email account, in the event that one server becomes unavailable, another one takes its place. Again, Cpanel email accounts rely on one shared server only.

5. Guaranteed space.

Regular Cpanel email accounts can be setup to occupy X amount of GBs on your shared server account, however, this becomes a problem when your company grows and more email accounts are needed, soon no Disk Space is left for your website files. Cloud based email accounts on the other hand have a set amount of space dedicated specifically for your email, disk space usually start at 5 GB per email account.

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6. Scalability.

You only pay the number of accounts you use, as your company grows you have the option to add more emails to your service without over demanding your website’s server.

7.  Option to use Google Suite.

Are you familiar with gmail accounts? Good, now imagine using this same platform for your business, it includes: Gmail, Calendar, Hangouts, Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Google Sites and Vault.
All of these tools will greatly enhance your business’ operations. Disk space begins at 30 GB per email account.

8. Greater return for your investment.

Sure, Cpanel emails come with “unlimited space and mailboxes” (shared space), your initial investment varies depending on your provider but ranges from $10-35 USD per month. This is OK if you decide to use this for your initial website hosting, however your email accounts will not work properly and in the end they will end up costing you more headaches and money. Cloud based emails investment ranges from $2-6 USD month per email account.

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